The Show Must Go On

Livestream your event, interview or seminar securely without home bandwidth restrictions using OnePoint.

It’s a tough time for business, as we see major events and conferences cancelled or postponed due to COVID-19. Bringing those events online is the ideal alternative – but how?

For large online events, popular apps like Zoom or Skype are limited in how they deliver a secure, engaging event experience. And they depend heavily on the quality of each users’ home broadband, which can struggle to meet the demands of mass participation.

We are helping organisations take events online, creating an engaging and sustainable event experience. That’s why we’ve created OnePoint. A solution that offers your business more robust, secure and professional livestream events – tailored to your company.

OnePoint events are professionally created and managed from our data centre in Cologne, which features a 1 GB/s upstream capacity. The participants of your event – speakers, interviewers, guests etc. – are handled in one session, while the audience watches your event separately via a livestream web page. This way, viewers don’t login to the event itself, which minimises bandwidth issues. We offer a secure environment where you stay in control, with the security of a data centre to ensure your event runs without issues or breaches.

Since OnePoint is a bespoke service, it’s the ideal way to ensure quality communications with audiences in these uncertain times.

Whether it’s sharing company announcements, hosting seminars, impressing in major client meetings, or marketing through interviews or event-style shows, we’ll make your productions stand out. Added touches can include the integration of a virtual conference environment, pre-roll and post-roll video clips, overlay screens for audience questions, live polls, and commonly used visual aids such as PowerPoint. And of course, the entire video interface is there to be branded to your requirements.

Below are two examples of recent events that we have supported for the European Space Agency:

If you are looking at running an online event of your own, then feel free to reach out to us. We are looking forward to hearing from you.

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