Professional use of Twitter Tools


ESA approached Design & Data with the desire to implement a number of Twitter tools for integration into the #CometLanding […]

ESA approached Design & Data with the desire to implement a number of Twitter tools for integration into the #CometLanding live stream on 12 November 2014. We gladly operated these tools and used them to create public interest in the momentous event online, across the globe.

Many of these tools were developed by Twitter and other have been acquired to offer TV engagement methods for broadcasters and live streaming producers. The two main tools used by us during the ESA live steam event were Twitter Curator and SnappyTV. The first is able to collect and curate tweets before integrating them into a live TV program, using a broadcast text generator. In the case of the #CometLanding event, our Twitter overlays were visible during the ESA TV live stream.

The second twitter tool used by us on the day of the #CometLanding is SnappyTV. This technology is able to record the live stream signal and create video and image assets that can then be distributed on social media channels. Both tools were used extensively by us in combination with the occasional use of a third tool named Twitter Reverb. This allows the user to create pre-generated graphics that reveal statistical information on the conversation taking place online at any given moment in time. Visualising information transfer in this way allows for real-time reactions and trends to be identified and addressed.

Twitter has also acquired the creators of Twitter Cards, a tool that allows the user to embed images and videos as a single full frame card. This enables certain tweets to be highlighted as a result on web, mobile and TV applications.

Such Twitter tools have become vital elements that, when used in conjunction with each other as we have done during the #CometLanding live stream event, can generate a greater level of public interest and following. Design & Data is intent to continue to explore this exciting new area of integration in order to help increase engagement around TV or live streaming events for our customers in the near future.

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