Video about the concurrent design facility

Video about the concurrent design facility
Concurrent Design Facility (CDF)

The question how Earth can be saved from asteroid impact is not a trivial one. This is why it’s understandable that a room full of experts is necessary to solve these problems. The Concurrent Design Facility (CDF) is perfectly designed for solving such challenges. We visited the CDF and filmed over the working specialists’ shoulders.

The Concurrent Design Facility is situated in Noordwijk, Netherlands. For over fourteen years its been an important part of the European Space Agency (ESA). Its goal is to make ESA projects more efficient, cost-effective and quicker.

This is achieved through the interaction of technology and a team of experts. The CDF also offers external companies to work on their project on site.

Work in the CDF is much like an orchestra: At ist top is the team leader and directs specialists, risk experts and systems engineers. Technology allows the interaction of all these people. The CDF offers finest integration of multimedia into the project work. If someone gets stuck, he can have his work shown on the large screen at the press of a button. Then, all try to find a solution collectively.

The project customer is also integrated into this process and is accordingly always up to date. He can offer feedback when he wants something done differently or has questions.

Our video introduces the CDF and connected workflows in detail. We accompany the exciting project of asteroid defense in some of its stations. The ESA experts allow deep insight into their fields of duty and their work at CDF. We shot the video, got an in-depth look and did the audio production.

Here’s the fascinating result:

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