Video recording with ESA-astronaut Pedro

Pedro Duque

World Space Week takes place from 4th-10th of October. Its topics are the exploration of Mars and Earth observations. It will be a fascinating week. We filmed ESA-Astronaut Pedro Duque for a message to the participants of World Space Week.

The World Space Week happens every year at the same time. Im commemorates two events: The launch of Sputnik 1, the first satellite, on the 4th October and the signing of the Outer Space Treaty on 10th October. A lot of space enthusiasts show their zeal by hosting different events in this week. These events have differing subjects, all related to modern space science. The hosts are teachers, space agencies, geovernment agencies, companies and even independent individuals.

The goals of World Space Week are very versatile. It aims to inspire young people on the topic of space. Environment sustainability and the prospect of space exploration are themes that are discussed widely. This year’s theme of the World Space Week is: Exploring Mars, Disovering Earth. Therefore, Earth Observation missions such as SMOS and GOCE as well as Mars Express and ExoMars are the most important missions to be covered during the event.

Design & Data recorded a video message starring the ESA astronaut Pedro Duque. The message addresses the World Space Week enthusiasts and calls attention to the aforementioned subjects. It is recorded completely in Spanish and was shot at DLR’s GSOC (German Space Operations Centre) in Oberpfaffenhofen. We thank Pedro Duque and the DLR for their collaboration and look forward to a fantatstic World Space Week.

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