EUMETSAT and Africa Video Series


A series of five videos Design & Data produced for EUMETSAT showcasing its activities in Africa has now been released.

A team from Design & Data first headed to EUMETSAT’s headquarters in Darmstadt, then to Nairobi, Kenya to interview a number of experts about EUMETSAT’s activities in Africa. We’re proud to have filmed, edited and produced the series, and now it is available to view in HD format.

For the last 30 years EUMETSAT has been working together with Africa. Its geostationary satellites, which are centred above the equator, allow observation of the continent on a continuous basis. The high volume of satellite data received is distributed to various African user communities through the EUMETCAST service, which ensures uninterrupted accessibility. The videos demonstrate how EUMETSAT supports African meteorological users and climate research organisations with access to invaluable satellite data.

EUMETSAT also supports the training of African users by training the trainers who provide both face-to-face, but more recently online courses. The video series shows first-hand how the end users benefit from this support, which enables African communities to ensure food security for the region, to forecast the weather, to monitor the long-term effects of climate and to help reduce the impact of natural disasters.

The cooperation between EUMETSAT, the EU and Africa is crucial in developing a series of projects in the field of earth observation and satellite-related applications, which provide the African region with valuable data to monitor climate change and the environment to jointly address global challenges.

We interviewed various experts, meteorologists and selected key influencers in policy-making in the region whom we filmed at the MESA Forum in the Crowne Plaza hotel in Nairobi and on the premises of the Kenya Meteorological Department (KMD). We integrated their views in five topical videos:

1. EUMETSAT and Africa – an overview

2. EUMETSAT and Africa – food security

3. EUMETSAT and Africa – weather forecasting and disaster impact

4. EUMETSAT and Africa – climate monitoring

5. EUMETSAT, Africa and the EU – working together

For Design & Data this project has provided us with invaluable production experience in Africa; working together with the KMD and the delegates at the MESA Forum, as well as local filming equipment suppliers and the local authorities.

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