Video series “Did You Know…?“ is online

Did you know...?

The Sun, the Moon and the stars have been a concept in people’s minds for millennia – even when the believed to be living on a flat disk. Science has uncovered many mysteries of space. But how about knowledge of the stars? Design & Data asked this question in Europe’s streets.

The new video series “Did You Know?” questions pedestrians about the subject of space. Ten episodes are finished and are regularly published on the ESA-YouTube channel. The first question was: “How many stars are there in our solar system?” The people of Cologne and Cadiz answered. Even if not everyone is right, many philosophized in dreamful ways.

The series was commissioned by the European Space Agency (ESA). Today, the second episode is published. The first one is quite successful and currently the most commented video on the ESA channel. The clips have been produced to match the web – entertaining, enjoyable, and at the same time educational.

For the first series, Design & Data shot in Cologne, Brussels, Maastricht, Cadiz and Rome. Eight more episodes have been shot and are made available in regular intervals.

The second series is already in the works. This time, we’ll shoot in eight European countries and are already curious what the answers will be the next time we ask “Did You Know…?”

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