Welt der Wunder uses ESA video content

Welt der Wunder

A year ago we started to manage the video archive and the distribution process for video material to the press and media on behalf of ESA. Here is a prime example of this innovative form of PR in action. The extremely popular German TV show “Welt der Wunder (World of Wonder) used our service offering for its latest programme.

The current programme of “Welt der Wunder” covers the subject of astronaut food. In detail it demonstrates how new conservation methods enable astronauts to experience improved food quality in space.
For this programme several video sequences were selected from very old productions, where astronauts are shown while eating. The selected clips were provided to “Welt der Wunder” in digital format in full PAL broadcast quality. In addition we consulted them on all questions regarding the licence agreement and its terms and conditions.
The final programme was first shown last Sunday 28.11.2010 (6:00 pm) on RTL2, and will be broadcast twice this week on N-TV, the popular German 24-hour news channel. Below is an overview of the upcoming broadcast dates for this programme, for those of you that live in Germany or are able to receive N-TV elsewhere. The link below takes you to their information page on the programme and contains a teaser trailer of this production.

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