Global Market Leader ECWMF

Global Market Leader ECMWF

A weather map is an everyday tool for most of us. But the science which makes it possible, is anything but everyday. It requires the talented minds of a lot competent scientists – like the ones at the ECWMF. The European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts (ECWMF) is the global market leader in numerical weather forecasts. They always look for better ways to forecast the weather. We present such weather experts in our new video.

The ECWMF is an independent organisation, which is supported by 36 countries. In the beginning, it was part of the European Co-operation in Science and Technology project, which was founded in 1975. The first real-time weather forecast was conducted four years later in June 1979. The organisation is world leading in numerical, global weather forecasts. They save lifes on a daily basis through their progression in science. Their research makes it possible to forecast the path and the source of natural disasters. The ECWMF runs 24/7 every day of the week.

We recently produced a batch of testimonial videos about the ECWMF. These clips show the employees’ work life. Our new film is dedicated to the overall organisation and highlights every exciting aspect about the ECWMF. How can the weather be forecast? Which system and which processing power is therefore neccessary? The weather experts explain everything in our video. Just a little look ahead: the organisation is equipped with one of the most advanced super computers in Europe.

Design & Data visited the ECWMF in Reading and shot the film on site. The scientists of the organisation assisted us in every way imaginable. They provided an insight into the science of weather forecasts. The video was produced, recorded and edited for the ECWMF.

If you want to learn more about the ECWMF, their homepage packs a lot of information about the organisation and its projects. You can check out our video as well. One of the testimonial videos can be found in our YouTube-channel.

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